Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Konkan architecture

Miranda’s depiction of the Konkan Railway

         Konkan is west coastline of India. It stretches from Raigad to Manglore. Sahyadri mountain marks it’s eastern boundary ,where as Arabian  sea is kissing it’s beaches on western side. It is a land, where mythology breathes side by side with economic growth; a land with rich mineral resources, dense forest cover and a landscape is fringing with paddy, coconut and mango trees. Konkan offers tremendous variety in history, culture, wildlife. Many places are yet untouched and pristine.
                 Konkan traditional architecture is influenced by nature .It is sustainable, cost effective  too. Now a days, slowly it is going away from it’s root. Some alien trend s are influencing it. In spite of that, original architectural practice has its own  features.
                 We, you and  me are going to accumulate all treasure of that original practice as well as we will try to enhance those techniques so that it will fulfill demands of modern lifestyle. We will try to document here salient features through visuals and word.


  1. i am a student of architecture 2nd year.. please help me with few things.. we are suppose to study vernacular architecture of the konkan region.. how is the plan and section of the houses of this region? please if you could help me with them..

    1. Hi Devanshi,

      did you happen to complete your study on Architecture of the konkan region? please connect with me, your study might be helpful to me. Thanks


  2. mail me @devanshi hirani

  3. tell me some thing @ heavist rains but no water condition ...@ red stone cutting vernacular technics,physcal property of laterite as const material...... ,.... @ tolerences betn ppl...for outers....crz..etc ..@ ar.anand dusane

  4. Great blog subject. Keep it up ! :-)